transmigratory remembrance

Master’s thesis work and process

I was granted a residency at the Art Factory of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats, for the development of the last stage of the studies and the artistic production of the final project of my Master’s program at University of Barcelona. The purpose of the collaboration between ICUB (Culture Institute of Barcelona) and UB (University of Barcelona) is to make the transfer of artistic research effective, and to open up the necessary channels of cultural permeability for the results within the contemporary intricacies of the city.

I was also able to take part in an exhibition at Fabra i Coats which presented the results of the work carried out by some of the post-graduate students on the Master’s in Production and Artistic Research at the University of Barcelona, as part of the Art and Intermedia Contexts specialization. The intermediary nature is especially underscored through multidisciplinary experimental lines, artistic practices in continuous expansion and research processes that regenerate the arts.


Artist Statement

This artwork is a collection of artistic expressions, which are a result of a deep listening process involving memories of Colombian migrants. My objective is to represent childhood memories through this listening beyond sound, and to give light to that which can unite us but can be overlooked. These stories flow through me as I interweave them creating a common world that rests between the then and the now. Just as our bodies migrate, so do our dreams, our memories and our origin. Listening to each other we can transcend geopolitical and temporal borders, to then compose our own collective imagery and a transborder sense of belonging.

Transmigratory Remembrance


Objects (scapulars), 24 digital prints on fabric, satin and Eva rubber, 11,5 x 15,8 cm c/u


Remembranza Transmigratoria (vimeo video)

Digital video and audio, 14′ 54″ (link to video)


Written Memory

The written memory includes the entire process of the protect, and the material and references used during its research.



These images are fragments of large, medium and small format drawing used to graphically represent the memories of Colombian migrants. These drawing fragments along with fragments of the memories were used to create a scapular for each project participant.

drawing fragments, pen and ink on paper, 150 x 61 cm (whole drawing)

drawing fragment, pen and ink on paper, 74 x 254 cm (whole drawing)

CPG_7073-EditCPG_7071-EditSonido de la noche 1

drawing fragments, pen and ink on paper, 190 x 90 cm (whole drawing)


MFA Thesis Exhibition

Dates: June 28th to July 21st, 2019
Opening: Thursday, June 27th at 7 pm
Location: Espai Zero
Fabra i Coats – Centre d’Art Contemporani

MFA Thesis Show Flyer


Published by Catalina Piedrahita

Catalina Piedrahita is an Colombian Artist based in Totana, Spain.

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