To cleanse or not to cleanse…

I’ve always been obsessed with what I eat and what it does (or doesn’t do) to me. I eat what I eat mostly because I love food, all kinds of food! But I am also aware of my health and I try to be good to my body. I can’t deny that, like most women, I am always worrying about how I look and that includes being concerned about my weight, but I have learned that the number 1 thing we should really worry about is our health.

I began to read a lot about nutrition, healthy diets, vegetarianism, gluten free diets, cleansing diets, fasting, etc, and I came to the conclusion that nutrition is personal and you should really listen to your body; it will tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t eat.

So, I decided to try a cleanse. I figured it was a good way to let my body rest from all the yummy-but-not-so-healthy foods I’ve been eating, and it would give me a steady routine to settle my mind in.

Yesterday I completed my first week of cleansing, which I believe to be the toughest one, and I wanted to share photos of some of the dishes I’ve been preparing. I am taking the recipes from Whole Living Magazine and I’ve been following their January Issue’s Action Plan. All the dishes are super tasty and, if you are into cleansing diets, I really recommend this one. I feel fantastic and I’m thrilled for week number 2!


Published by Catalina Piedrahita

Catalina Piedrahita is an Colombian Artist based in Totana, Spain.

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